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The literature presents a lot of information about the aging of the face, but almost nothing about the aging of the chest, not even about innovative products to combat this reality that affects women. The objective of this study is, exactly, to seek to show why the skin ages, the relevance of the care to be taken by women to prevent the aging of the skin of the chest and the role of the Colotop textile product in preventing and combating sleep wrinkles

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Meet Viviane

Founder of Colotop USA

Hi, I'm Viviane, a Brazilian-born dentist who is passionate about skincare. I grew up in a family of dermatologists, and from a young age, I understood the importance of protecting my skin from the sun.

After moving to the United States with my husband, who is also a dermatologist, I became even more invested in skincare. I started wearing a sleep top called Colotop to prevent sleep lines on my upper chest, and I was blown away by the results.

That's when my husband and I saw an opportunity to bring Colotop to the US and sell it in our dermatology office, Dermagnify. I'm so proud to say that now all women in the US have access to this innovative sleep top, which helps prevent and improve sleep lines on the upper chest.

I'm passionate about promoting healthy skin habits and educating my patients on the importance of skin protection. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

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This study includes research conducted by the company during the testing period (pre-launch of the product), as well as customer satisfaction survey conducted two years after the product in question is on sale in the market. As it is an innovative product, the study also heard the opinions of dermatologists.
It is concluded that, if it is impossible to prevent aging of the skin, it is feasible to seek good practices in healthy habits, care, products and treatments that prevent or soften this aging, keeping the skin of the chest young for longer.


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